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4 marketing videos in 4 weeks that will attract new leads and make your current clients want to share

The simple and easy way to create sales & marketing videos without hiring a video production company.

I'll show you how to create videos that will attract new leads and that your current clients will want to share.

You'll be able to use the video on your website, LinkedIn or any social media and even share thru email.

The program is designed for...

  • B2B/B2C Service providers with a profitable business

  • Businesses with a core offer or service

  • Businesses with a small team

  • Teachable and coachable business owners

What you get during the program

  • Scripts, title and captions templates frameworks

  • Video thumbnail templates

  • 4 completed marketing videos (about, tutorial, faceless, sales video

  • Training and support

How it's Delivered

  • 4 Zoom Call Trainings (replays in our client portal)

  • Group training

How much does the program cost?

Terms & Conditions

All payments and purchases for services, courses, live and/or pre-recorded are are final and non-refundable due to the nature of the delivery method, and because each participant has the ability to download all content provided.

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